Prevention is always better than a cure. But why is it, that when it comes to roofs, this reality is so consistently ignored?

Here are five simple roof killers that, if considered and managed/avoided, can save you thousands of dollars in roof maintenance, and most importantly, extend the life of your metal roof. These apply both to domestic and commercial roofs.

  1. Vegetation contact

If you have trees or any vegetation close to the roof, most likely overhanging, if contact is made, it will prematurely age your roof. Especially rubbing branches in the wind. Sounds so obvious, but we see it all the time. Constant rubbing will compromise your roof significantly by friction wear.

  1. Walking on roof

Most particularly on lower pitched roofs, this is a common cause of undue wear and tear. The ribs on the profile get creased and often actually split – providing an invitation for water ingress. It is essential that larger commercial roof spaces (especially where there are multiple tenants below) have dedicated walkways available for roof traffic.

  1. Clogged gutters

Its stating the obvious, but blocked gutters inhibit water egress from a roof. A roof is designed to have the water flow off it via the gutters. If the gutters are blocked the water will find an alternate path – most likely with expensive implications!

  1. Surface debris on roof

Too often, works are undertaken on a roof (such as air conditioning maintenance, solar panel works, electrical maintenance or installations) and tradesmen leave behind remnants of the work. We have seen conduits, Fluro tubes, electrical cables, metal offcuts, paint tins/brushes and so on left behind after works have been undertaken. Unfortunately, there is no option but to have the roof physically checked regularly to monitor such tardiness.

  1. Delaying repairs

Rust and corrosion are common causes of roof leaks. And both will spread once they start. Hence, it’s important to address these little issues before they become big ones. The sad fact is, rust grows – it never disappears of its own accord! The longer its left, the worse it becomes.

Whilst these seem obvious, we see these causing expensive roof damage all the time.

Maybe we can help you keep on top of these issues. You have lots of other more important things to attend to. Let’s have a chat about how we can allow you to concentrate of the other things and we will partner with you in protecting your maintenance money by reducing it, contact us today