About Us

Certified Roofing is a family owned Company that has been involved in Domestic, Roofing, Fascia, Guttering and Battens as well as Industrial and Commercial work on all different levels.



The Certified Roofing team.


Company awards

For quality workmanship, you can trust Certified Roofing.

Our Mission Statement


To provide the best roofing service in Australia with absolute integrity and honesty in a caring, efficient and respectful manner.


To build a large and successful company with national significance that has Christ-centred excellence, based on biblical principals and operating for the GLORY of GOD.


To provide a caring and secure environment for all staff that is a joyful and prosperous place to work. This will enable all team members to achieve full potential in their career and lives for the benefit of themselves, their families and the community.

Our Culture Statement

Flexibility, adaptability and maintaining a high level of ethics are at the centre of Certified Roofing's vision. Whilst we are totally committed to adapting to the needs of our customers, the underlying tenants guiding our company remain paramount to the service we provide. We are motivated by:-
  1. Commitment: We are committed to be 100% involved
  2. Respect: We treat everyone equally and care about your property
  3. Reliance: You can rely on us to do what we say we will do
  4. Service: We understand and exceed our customers needs
  5. Communication: We keep our customers & each other informed
  6. Problem Solving: We do not believe in a problem only a solution
  7. Faith: We believe in our ability as a team
  8. Quality: We do it once and we do it well
  9. Honesty: Is our policy
  10. Value: Our combined experience gives great value
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2016 Most influential Businessman of the year Award Business Greenhouse

2009 & 2010 Redlands Chamber of Commerce Business Award in Trade & Services

2010 & 2011 Redlands Chamber of Commerce Best Boss Award

2011 Finalists in Premiers Sustainability Award

2012 Finalists for “Action Coach” Most Community Impacted

2012 Commonwealth bank Award for Excellence in Construction

2012 Commonwealth Bank Award for Best Commitment to Social Responsibility

2013 Commonwealth bank Award “Hall of Excellence”

2015 Australia Day honours “Citizen of the Year” Award

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