Colorbond, the most trusted name in metal roofing, has released an amazing energy saving product.

Colorbond Coolmax is designed to protect the interior of the building from solar heating with innovative and cutting-edge roofing technologies. Field tests have shown that Coolmax and its solar reflective properties can cut your energy bills by as much as 7.5%.

The implications to homeowners and businesses alike are compelling. With energy costs forecasted to continue to increase year after year, Colorbond Coolmax is an essential addition to any business or home in Queensland.


Colorbond Coolmax is metal roofing, composed of multiple layers, each one working in tandem with the rest to create an amazing resilience towards sunlight and solar heating. From the onset, Coolmax was designed with the intent of reducing solar heating inside of the building by improving solar reflection. It still has all the properties of Colorbond roof, including decades of life, resistance to dirt or tarnish, and light-weight design.

Coolmax is composed of the following seven layers:

  • Layer 1: Coolmax Finish Coat
  • Layer 2: Corrosion Inhibitive Primer
  • Layer 3: Conversion Coating
  • Layer 4: Zincalume, a zinc and aluminium alloy coated steel with Activate technology substrate
  • Layer 5: Conversion Coating
  • Layer 6: Universal Corrosion Inhibitive Primer
  • Layer 7: Backing Coat

As sheet metal roofing, Colorbond Coolmax is also very quick and easy to add to your roof or to repair. To maximize the protection against solar heating, Coolmax is only available in the Whitehaven colour, an elegant off-white shade that compliments all home styles and colours.

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Coolmax was field tested in Queensland for its solar reflection and energy efficiency from November 2009 to March 2010. The results of the performance are amazing.

The comparison was made between Coolmax in the Whitehaven colour against Colobond in Surfmist. Monitoring the two different roofing materials on identical buildings during the hottest summer months yielded a stark difference in surface temperature. At their hottest, Coolmax was on average 5 degrees cooler than Colorbond and 10 degrees cooler than standard Zincalume.

In comparison to standard colorbond roofing, Colorbond Coolmax reduced the annual cooling energy expenses by up to 7.5%. Colorbond Coolmax has the greatest impact on commercial buildings, which are most often occupied during the day when cooling demands are at their greatest.

Not only will this allow you to save money on air conditioning, but it can also allow you to downgrade your cooling units. That’s real savings. So much so that Coolmax pays for the investment premium in only 5 years with the energy savings. For a roofing material that regularly lasts multiple decades that’s a cost savings that really adds up.

In winter, Colorbond Coolmax is just as effective. With cloudy skies and shorter days, the amount of solar heating that buildings benefit from during the day is minimal.


If you are in the Queensland area and is looking for a new metal roof, or would love to invest in energy savings, Colorbond Coolmax is definitely the right choice.

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