Are you in the process of building your house and replacing your roof? Then you need to know that different roof profiles available. Knowing the characteristics of each type of roofing will help you decide the best one for you.

Corrugated Roofing

This is a reliable type of roofing and that is why it has stood the test of time. The best thing about corrugated roofing is that it can be used both as roofing and a walling material. Depending on how you will use it, it can reflect either a classic or a modern style. Corrugated roofing is now available in three different sizes. The new type of corrugated roofing is manufactured using high-quality steel.


This is an economical steel wall panel that can be used for both residential and commercial applications. Like the corrugated roof, it can also be used both as a roofing and walling material. Apart from being economical, Trimdek is also very quick to install. It also has a 28mm rib height and a specially designed capillary groove to ensure that no amount of water will get right through.

Kliplok 700

This is considered by many as the best kind of roofing profile. It is simply unbeatable in terms of strength, size, and water tightness. It is one of the widest concealed-fix deckings that you can buy. In terms of length, you can have it as long as you want it to be thanks to its mobile roofing mill. It is also available in many different colours.


The multi-rib design of this roofing profile allows it to have great spanning qualities and durability and makes it easy to transport. It can be used for both roofing and walling applications. It looks like a regular corrugated roof but it actually has higher and squarer ribs.