I was recently asked to go and look at the roof in a shopping arcade, which had major leaking issues, mainly through skylights.

Previously they had obtained a quote for a few thousand dollars to fix the issues, but a plumber looked at it and said he could “whack a bit of silicon on” and it would only be $300.

The landlord went with the plumber’s quote to “save some money”. But the plumber siliconed up the gap designed for water egress – for the internal condensation to run out onto the roof.

The result was that the condensation now began running into the ceiling cavity and ruined the ceiling tiles, along with staining down the walls. It was a significant cost to remedy the collateral damage. Way more than the “saving” of a cheaper solution to the original problem. In addition, to resolve the “new” problem, the landlord inherited a $15,000 skylight and roof rust repair job.

Unfortunately, this is an all too common scenario for us. We quote to fix an issue properly, but we end up against a “cheaper” quote that does not solve the issue.

To back our solutions with confidence, we decided to include with all our repairs a 10 year guarantee. This means that if the leak returns, it’s at our cost, not yours. We can do this because, our mentality is to fix the problem with a permanent solution, not a quick fix remedy. This also eliminates collateral damage, which we see far too often on sites where a quick fix was opted for.

Whilst the initial cost may be higher, the overall cost will be cheaper. Hence, the quick fix solution may well end up being way costlier than doing it properly once.

We will back our work with a solid guarantee. Surely that makes sense.

To avoid collateral damage and the costs it brings with it, we suggest fixing it right the first time. It that resonates with you, let’s have a chat about any roof issues you need attending to https://www.certifiedroofing.com.au/contact/