Does your commercial building consist of concrete tilt up panels? Are you sick and tired of them leaking? Have you engaged roofing companies and plumbers to fix the leaks only to find they leak again within 6 months?

Here is the reason why!

When the building is originally built the builder or roofer will try and cut costs as much as they can. A common example is the finishing off with flashings. Roofers/builders will save money by installing a flashing called “K flashing” where it is fixed against the tilt up wall and a bead of silicone is used to stop water penetrating into the building. The building expands and contracts which eventually breaks the silicon seal and leaks. The best method and longevity moving forward is to sheet the inside of the tilt up panel and cap off at the top with a Parapet Capping (see before & after photos attached)

By installing it this way you have secured the building from any such leak.

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