Commercial Roof Audits and Repairs

Certified Roof Audits are designed to provide our clients with a complete detailed condition of their roof. The Roof Audit generally includes visual photos, problems found, recommendations, and forecasts issues yet to be apparent. Below is a break down on what an Audit consists of:

Visual Inspection

This is made up from a series of photos. Each photo will show you either an issue you are currently having or an issue that we can predict before it happens.

Generally, the bigger the roof and the more penetrations on the roof, the more photos are required (FYI – This component will make up approx.. 70% of your Audit)


Against each photo taken there will be a recommendation of what action should be taken to resolve the issue. We also prioritise works that should be done either immediately, within the next 12 months, or 2-3 year recommendation.

In many instances a small immediate expenditure on maintenance can prevent further/major repairs or replacement that could result in the future.

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