Steel Roofing and Metal Roofing – Brisbane & Gold Coast

Metal roofing has come along way in the past 50 years. Bluescope Steel has perfected metal roofing with Colorbond and Zincalume which is a far superior roofing style that is far more convenient, longer lasting and much easier to maintain. Take a look at why metal roofing is a better option for residential homes and commercial structures compared to tiles.


Covering your roof with tiles requires quite a bit of labour and time. Not only does the structure need to be stronger to take the weight of the tiles but you have to maintain a tiled roof a lot more than metal roofs.

Metal roofing is much more convenient as the roofing material is available in full length sheets, is lower maintenance, stronger and more durable against storms such as hail and wind. Therefore, you will have peace of mind that your roof will keep you safe during the night.


Tiles will fade in colour and become chalky over time, but so will Colorbond sheeting. However, unlike tiles Colorbond metal roofing will not become brittle and crack allowing water to penetrate into your home. You do not need cement and tile clips to hold it all together. You can relax knowing that your metal roof is screwed down which is stronger than a tile clip.

Eco Friendly

Metal roofs are energy efficient as they reflect sunlight and reduce your energy consumption. Having the advantage that you can insulate directly under the sheets helps reduce the heat and can give you a higher R rating to your home.


Good quality metal roofs do cost more than tiles. However, they make up for their price by increasing the value of a home and reducing utility bills. Metal roofs are also guaranteed for longer periods as they are more durable.

Resilience and Performance

While tiled roofs are strong in the beginning of their life, metal roofs are both strong and resilient and do not change over age. They do not require match maintenance and neither do they crack under pressure like tiles do.

In the event of a hail storm, the damage to a tiled roof can be extreme as the tiles will crack and allow water into the ceiling and cause more damage to your carpets, benches & belongings. Metal roofs are stronger, and if impacted with hail will not crack, tear or expose the ceiling to the weather. Metal roofs are considerably more secure against break-ins and much more suitable for commercial buildings.

Metal roofing offers a lot of benefits for modern structures. If you are considering renovating or replacing your roof, this type of roofing should top your list as it has been designed by Australians for Australian conditions. If you have an older tiled roof in place, this would be a great time for a change.

Metal roofing systems from Certified Roofing could very well save your building from cracks, leaks and damages in the future. Call us on 07 3823 6888 for a free quote today.