It is common knowledge that our environment is already in bad shape. This is why we must all do our share in helping to fight the negative effects of climate change. One of the things that you can do is to implement sustainable practices in your own homes. The roof is one of the most important parts of a house. If more people can switch to more earth-friendly roofs, then it will have positive effects on the environment. Here are some sustainable roofing ideas that you can implement.

Solar Roofs

Do you know that you can harness the power of the sun through your roof? You can do so by installing solar panels on your roof. Depending on the number of solar panels that you will install, you can power anything in your home from your garage door to your lights. Installing solar panels on your roof may require you to make a significant investment at first, but the returns will make be worth it. And mother earth will surely thank you for your efforts.

Conserve energy

If you can’t produce energy through your roof then at least try to conserve it by installing a roofing system that is a strong insulator. With an insulator, you will be able to keep cold air during summer and hot air during winter. This will help you save money and energy from heating and air conditioning.

Reflective coating

Another sustainable roofing idea that can help you conserve energy and money is to use reflective coating on your roof. A reflective coat can send back the sun’s ultraviolet rays into the atmosphere. Without reflective coating, your roof can absorb heat from the sun that in turn can heat your home during summer.

Live roofing

One of the best sustainable roofing ideas that you can implement is to have a live roofing. This means growing plants on your roof. By growing plants on your roof, you can help send back oxygen into the atmosphere.