When it’s time to choose the colour of your new roof, there is no doubt that metal sheeting gives you the greatest variety and palette to choose from. Colorbond roofing is quite simply one of the best materials for roofing and is widely used throughout Australian and, in particular, Queensland.

Colorbond roofing comes in a massive range of colours to fit and match the style of your home. Sometimes so many choices means it might be tough on where to start in finding the best colour for your home’s roofing. Here are five essential tips for you to consider when finding the right colour for your roof.


There are a lot of city and local councils in Australia that celebrate the local architectural history by declaring the neighbourhood as heritage area. This means that there are special considerations for how you repair, change, or build homes in this area. Often at times, this means that existing homes are limited to a specific range of colours for the home’s exterior.

Contact your local council for the precise colours that you are allowed to choose from with a specific focus on your roofing. With this in mind, Colorbond has specifically created color matches for most heritage housing.


If you live in an area with a rich natural tapestry, whether it be trees, bushes or flowers, then it is best to consider the surrounding aesthetic when choosing the colour of your home. Today’s leading designers recommend choosing mid-tones rather than bright or stark colours, to complement the surrounding terrain. Having a contrasting roof in bright colours will have a negative impact on the visual appeal of your home.


Each of these three areas each has their own colour cues and styles. For rural homes, earthy tones are preferred. Remember that rural homes are often surrounded by beautiful terrain; so be sure to look for a muted earthy tone (see tip #2).

For coastal environments, leading designers recommend subdued blues or sand colours to really capture the ambience of the seaside. Finally, for urban homes, consider a stark or striking roof colour. This is best for areas where modern homes are more prevalent.


Naturally, one of the biggest tips you should consider is matching the colour of your roof to the rest of the home’s design. Blinds, shutters, external cladding, and more, all set a design standard that is important to complement rather than distract. This might also be a good time to think about updating your home’s exterior appearance to match a more contemporary style.


The best way to get started is to of course ask the professionals. Roofers spend all day long working with Colorbond for all types of homes and environments. Don’t be afraid to consult your roofer with a picture of your home for some advice on which colours they think might be best. Colorbond roofers will also be very knowledgeable on the different requirements you might have in regards to a heritage neighbourhood.


If you are looking for a great addition to your home with Colorbond roofing, then Certified Roofing is the first choice for Brisbane and the Gold Coast homeowners. We offer a complete range of colorbond roofing materials and colours at a great price.