Gone are those days, when the only options of roofing one had to choose from were concrete, asphalt shingles and slate. But, with the evolution of technology and its emergence into the realms of roofing has changed its landscape forever and for the better. In the present scenario, the number of roofing materials that you can choose from is innumerable and a lot better than its traditional counterparts. In the following section, we will be jotting down a catalogue of different types of home roofing that you can resort to for your next venture.

Solar tiles

Considering the surging consequences of global warming, installing solar tiles on the existing shingles will help you to generate 1 kilowatt of energy per 100 square feet. This implies that you will save a lot on your electricity bill each month and at the same time, do your bit for the planet and improve its depreciating condition. These solar tiles are especially beneficial when installed on roofs that receive a generous portion of sunlight as contrasted against the regular solar panels. However, the catch here is that the solar tiles would cost you a little more than the other home roofing alternatives.

Metal roofing

If analysed wisely, you will notice that metal roofing is the most valuable resort for your property you are willing to renovate. They are characterised by the virtues of lightweight, agility, low maintenance and are environmentally friendly. They come in vertical panels or shingles that reflect the structure of tiles, slate and shakes and can last for at least 60 years. Therefore, once you invest in procuring them, you will be spared from any further expenditure directed towards their conservation. Because they are lightweight, they can be placed over the existing roof and the best part about the metal roofing lies in the fact that they can mire off heavy rain and snow and even safeguard the apartment against heavy winds.

Slate roofing

Slate is an extremely popular choice as far as the requisites of roofing are concerned and justifiably so. They have a longevity of hundred years and sometimes even more than that and come with a guarantee circumscribing their water-resistant properties and the verities that they wouldn’t let fungus or moulds sit on them. According to experts, slate roofing is suitable and efficacious for a house situated in wetter conditions but, can cost you a tad bit more than the other variants mentioned here. In contrary to this, if your location is prone to hail and strong storms then, we will not recommend slate roofing for your apartment.

Wood shakes and cedar shingles

As clear from the denomination itself, wood shakes and shingles are derived naturally from renewable resources and therefore, are eco-friendly substitutes for your roof. Another truth that adds a feather onto wood shakes’ hat is that they have been listed as a common environmental choice because it leaves behind the least amount of carbon footprints and hardly lends any harmful impact to the water that runs off against its surface. Their life span is close to 30 years and can even be more than that if maintained diligently.