Roofing contributes to architectural aesthetics as well as an energy-efficient quotient of the home. It should not only be weather friendly but should also be energy efficient to control your electricity bills. This means that longevity and cost are two significant factors related to roofing. You would neither be willing to break a bank for roofing nor compromise on quality and repair after every five years. Hence, it becomes significant to invest in best residential roofing material which suits your budget and requirement. This post is to introduce residential roofing materials which you can consider for your home.

1. Asphalt Shingles: This is the most common type of residential roofing which is known for durability and cost-effectiveness. Available in different designs and patterns, these shingles can complement the architecture of any residence. These are all-weather materials which can sustain, rains, wind, summers, winters and hailstorms too! They last for at least 15 years and can go as long as 30 years if maintained well. Wooden shingles are also one option, but they are not fireproof. Wooden shingles get rank 1 on aesthetics but can be ranked 5 on durability. You can go for wooden shingles if you are ready to spend extra effort on maintenance.
2. Metal roofing: Made to last for about 30-50 years, metal roofing is slightly expensive than asphalt shingles. Metal is a very broad term and it consists of roofs made of steel, copper, aluminium or zinc. Metal being natural insulator keeps your home cold during summers and warm during cold weather. They are cost-efficient and weather-friendly too! Metal roof is often made of recycled alloys and can even be recycled post wearing out! They can be painted or layered with colourful sheets to enhance the outlook of the home!
3. Roof tiles: Tiles are a styled reincarnation of cement roofs. Roof tiles are available in a variety of colours and designs are known for their strength and durability. Tiles can be made of cement, fibre, concrete or clay and reduces heat penetration during summers. Tiles can further be coated with an additional layer of waterproofing and are easier to handle due to their lightweight. Tiles are fireproof and insect-proof too! While the rich textures and designs increase the beauty of the home, tiles are breakable if heavier objects are placed on them! Also, it becomes a little tougher to repair chimneys or exhaust spaces without hurting tiles.
4. Solar glass: One of the most expensive roofs are solar glass roofing. It comes with a lifetime warranty and gives an incredible look to your home. However, it is way too expensive! If you are ready to shed out some money, then the solar roof is the best option considering its environment-friendly nature. You may want to look for tax credit options that might be available in your area for installation of solar roofing.
These were some options detailing the quality and price of the roofing! It is worth noting that material is important but correct installation complements the durability of the roof. Make sure you opt for professional services for roof installation!