Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s special about our warranty?
    Answer: As the leaders in the roofing industry, we were the first company to offer the 10 year workmanship warranty and the only company whose workmanship warranty is endorsed by Bluescope Lysaght.
  2. Why Should I use Certified Roofing?
    Because Certified Roofing is big enough to do your job well and small enough to care about your property.
  3. Do I need to be home while you replace the roof?
    No. It will be noisy and we recommend you make other plans. You can still stay in the house at night.
  4. How long will it take to install the roof?
    In most cases, 1-3 days, depending on the size of your house.
  5. Does Certified Roofing have public liability cover?
    Yes, we have $10,000,000 cover.
  6. Are Certified Roofing contractors covered by Workcover?
    Yes, all our staff are covered by WorkCover Qld.
  7. Does Certified Roofing have a QBSA License?
    Yes, all our license no. is 1053680
  8. Does Certified Roofing employ tradesmen?
    Yes, all our roofing crews work only for Certified Roofing and have many years of experience.
  9. What happens if it rains while you’re installing my roof?
    We watch the weather very closely. Back in our office, our Project Manager keeps an eye on the Bureau of Meteorology website and keeps our roofers up-to-date. Our roofers only remove sections at a time and then re-roof as they go. When we leave at night, your roof is completely water tight.
  10. Will my yard be damaged during the installation?
    Every possible precaution is taken to ensure your home is left in a clean and tidy state. We treat is as it were our own.

  11. What payment options does Certified Roofing offer?
    We accept visa and mastercard payments, direct deposits, cheques and cash payments.
  12. Does Certified Roofing practice Sustainable practices?
    Yes, Certified Roofing is Brisbane’s only sustainable roofing company. Our vision is to become the environmentally sustainable leaders in the roofing industry.
  13. Does Certified Roofing give written guarantees?
    Yes, we provide a 10 year workmanship warranty certificate on completion of all new and re-roofs and we only use Bluescope Steel products which come with a *30 year warranty.
    * conditions apply, please refer to Bluescope Steel website.
  14. Does Certified Roofing only use premium products?
    Yes, for all new roofs, gutters and re-roofs, we only use Australian owned and produced Bluescope and Colorbond steel roofing products.
  15. Does Certified Roofing have a quality control check?
    Yes. During the job our supervisor will drop in to ensure everything is going to plan. At the end of each job, our supervisor carries out a 20 point check prior to signing the job off and issuing the warranty certificate.
  16. Does the warranty stay with the house or move with the owners?
    Our warranty stays with the house. When our supervisor does the final check, he places a vinyl sticker in the meter box for future reference and contact should you require it.

For further FAQ’s, please refer to the Bluescope Steel FAQ site