Often, disasters happen without warning. But unfortunately, capital budgets are not available “on demand”.

Take for example the discovery that your commercial property needs a new roof. The current one is leaking badly and cannot be repaired. And the leaking is getting worse. But the capital budget allocation for the year has been emptied. Any familiarity here? Can you relate?

I encounter this all the time. Unfortunately leaky roofs have no understanding of budgeting and timing thereof. Hence, they leak when they choose, and this may not coincide with your budgeting cycle. This leave you with a compromise cover over your assets, and no budget to remedy the situation.

Having encountered this scenario more often than I care to remember, I set out to find a resolution. After all, it’s what you want/need that is more important than what we want, as an effective service provider.

So we are now offering a “Roofing Partnership Service”. The way this works is that we form a partnership with you, to walk the roofing maintenance journey with you.

To get the ball rolling, we undertake a roof inspection and provide you with a roofing report, that includes an outline (and quote to fix) any immediate problems.

The next step is to meet with you and address the longer term, larger (i.e. – more expensive!) issues. In consultation with you, we can devise a forward budgeting plan to include these items in your upcoming capital budgets.

Generally, roofing problems are addressed reactively, when capital allowances are unavailable and create a financial dilemma. However, if we can work together on this and prepare for it, there is far less disruption to the financial affairs of your business or organisation.

If this resonates with you, or makes sense, how about we start a conversation about a tailored plan that serves your unique circumstances? After all, my job is to help you do yours. I look forward to hearing from you https://www.certifiedroofing.com.au/contact/