Skylights on a commercial building play a large part in cost saving against power use for the owner or tenant. Having poor light transmission will not only cause you to pay more in electricity due to having to switch the warehouse lights on for longer but can also cause damage to stock as the skylights will eventually breakdown and leak.

Once the fibres of the fibreglass can be seen due to delamination / old age the birds swoop down and start stripping the fibres for their nests which in turn start to impregnate holes in your skylight sheets.

At Certified Roofing we replace thousands of meters of commercial skylights because of these issues mentioned above. However, when we replace them we recommend to use Wonderglas GC (GC = Gel Coated Surface). (see before & after photos attached)

Wonderglas GC is a UV protected GRP (Glass reinforced polyester) sheeting product. The 100 micron thick gel coat is integral with the sheet (chemically cross bonded), so no delamination is possible. The gel coated sheet surface becomes an almost impenetrable barrier that reduces surface erosion and loss of light transmission to negligible proportions. Over the life of the sheet. Wonderglas GC retains its strength and flexibility, it does not lose tensile strength or become brittle as happens with film surface coated and other translucent materials. Wonderglas GC, with a UV resistant Gel Coat of 100 microns in thickness, replacing surface film of just 20 microns, has provided this technological improvement.

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