Mantra Broadbeach on the Park, QLD – Metal to Metal

Broadbeach, QLD

Mantra Broadbeach on the Park, QLD – Metal to Metal

Originally built in 2004, Mantra Broadbeach on the Park is located just metres from the Gold Coast’s best beaches, restaurants, nightlife, and shopping malls and is over 25 storeys high from ground level to the roofline.  When the roof required a full roof and stainless steel 316 2B welded box gutter replacement careful consideration and planning, along with expert workmanship was required to ensure such a high-risk project was completed with the safety of both our workers and the public being paramount.  

Located in a saltwater environment, it was necessary for Colorbond Ultra to be the roof material used.  With our client wanting the best, .48 bmt was chosen in a Stramit Speedek profile to enable us to reduce the sheet lengths utilising their Farlap jointing system.  This was necessary as some of the roof sheeting was 21m in length.  With safety at the forefront of this operation, the logistics of handling and craning up 21m long sheets over 25 storeys high was not possible given the environmental factors.

A 150-tonne crane with counterweights, fly and needle was required to reach these extreme heights.  This came with its own challenges including, obtaining permits, road closures and scheduling staggered delivery and arrival times to avoid delays and wait times.  All materials along with the roof edge safety system were lifted.  Installation of the roof edge safety system posed very difficult due to the added safety requirements because of the extreme heights. Exclusion zones were erected down below on ground level and a designated spotter was always required.

Other challenges faced were ensuring the safe handling of both new and old roof sheets. Every roof sheet removed was attached to a temporary anchor point with a carabiner and a lanyard when handling them, eliminating the risk of the sheets becoming airborne in the very high winds and posing a safety risk to the public and surrounding buildings.  Post crane up, the packs of roof sheeting and all other materials including ply, insulation and flashings were all secured to the roof structure using custom made dunnage and 5 tonne ratchet straps.

The weather station installed by Certified Roofing recorded during one storm event, a gust that exceeded 160kph and during this event, our careful planning and execution proved successful as not a single item on the roof was disturbed.

Without the expert knowledge, skills and vast experience within Certified Roofing’s team, projects of this calibre would not be possible.

Mantra Broadbeach on the Park, Qld