For most people, their home is their most expensive asset. Therefore, looking after it as best you can is a no brainer. But often knowledge and action do not cohabitate! However, we would like to help you gain knowledge and progress it to action.

As your home’s first line of defence against the impact of weather, your roof needs to be in premium condition at all times. You don’t need to be reminded about how severe the weather impacts can be here in Australia. Many things, however, can compromise your roof’s integrity. For instance, a hail storm can leave dents, cracked tiles or even holes, which can cause leaks. As your roof ages, its capacity to resist the impact of weather decreases. If it is getting damaged more easily, this will only accelerate.

Here are some of the most serious problems you face when you delay roof repair/replacement:

Structural Integrity & Aesthetic Issues

Water that penetrates your leaky roof can weaken the wood material of your roof/home’s frame. Plus, it can damage your walls and ceiling, causing a slump in energy efficiency and possible mould and mildew issues, along with many other problems. Even aesthetic damage such as plaster/paint damage can prove costly to make good.

Higher Utility Bills & Safety Concerns

Your roof/ceiling insulation is prone to damage when water ingress occurs through your roof. Saturated insulation can push your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units to work twice as hard, driving your utility costs up. Also, as water finds its way in, it can also find its way to visit electrical wiring and electrical fittings/fixtures. We all know that electricity and water should never meet!

Once your roof is compromised, it indicates it’s time for action.

It may well mean your roof needs to be replaced, to deliver you a safe and problem free roof for many years to come – especially if it is designed and installed by a reputable roofing specialist.

The first step is contact us for an obligation free chat about the state of your roof, and what options you have to choose from. We are ready when you are, to help protect your biggest asset