We operate in Queensland, so I am unsure what the legislative requirements are elsewhere – but BUYER BEWARE in Queensland.

Most people are unaware that a building permit is required if more than 20% of a roof is being replaced. Time and time again I talk with people getting quotes for re-roofing who have no idea who holds the responsibility for obtaining the necessary permit for their job.

However, the Queensland Building & Construction Commission make the answer patently clear on this issue. If you are considering roofing works, it might be beneficial to read an overview of statutory requirements. You do so via this link


Even if you don’t check out this link, it’s important you know “Roofing contractors should ensure their quotes and contracts clearly state whether the property owner or roofing contractor is responsible for obtaining the necessary building approval.” – taken from the above link page.

We highlight the fact that we have included this requirement in red on all our proposals to ensure our prospective client is aware that we have included the work and costs of this process in our quoted price.

The unfortunate reality is that doing business is all too often driven by choosing the lowest price. But buyer beware here, because the implications of making assumptions, and choosing on price can be catastrophic.

I know we lose business sometimes because our price is not the lowest, but I also know that there are often occasions when we have included statutory costs and the contractor chosen has not – either because they ignore the rules, or they avoid discussion of them and later will claim they assumed the home owner was looking after that responsibility. That’s not the way we want to operate.

So, if you are considering significant roofing works, please give us a call so we can at least fill you in with what is needed for your project to be legislatively compliant https://www.certifiedroofing.com.au/contact/