Nowadays, homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to roof concepts and designs. It is always wise to keep in mind the purpose of a roof. Its main purpose is to protect the house from the elements. The aesthetic value that a roof provides is secondary. The perfect roof is one that offers protection for your home while at the same time making it more pleasing to the eye. Below are some of the different type of roofs/concepts and designs available to homeowners.

Flat or low slope roof

Of course, roofs cannot be completely flat. They always need to have a slight angle to drain the water whenever it rains. A flat roof design is just a type of roof that provides that appearance of being flat. This design is typically seen in large buildings to offer a rectangular shape to these structures. It is also commonly used in dry climates.

Gable roof

This is probably the most common type of roof design. It has two sides that are sloping and that meets at the center in a ridge. To add light and ventilation to gable roofs, dormers are usually added to the upper floors of a house.

Hip Roof

This style features slopes on all four sides of the structure providing similar views on all sides of the house. One of the benefits of having a hip style roof is that it reduces the need for frequent maintenance work because of the lack of siding on the upper parts of the house. If you live in a place where weather can be severe, this is a style that you should seriously consider.

In summary, when choosing a roof concept or design always consider the purpose first. You should consider the climate in your area and of course your budget. Always consult a roofing specialist before making final decisions.

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