I bet you have never realized how much like your teeth your roof is, have you?

If you are like most people, you don’t think about your teeth, or going to the dentist until there is a problem – usually pain.

Since being in the roofing industry, I have realized that most people are the same with their roof.

Have you had that experience where you get a seriously painful toothache, and all of a sudden the dentist is the most important person in the world? So you ring him and feel entitled to see him immediately due to your pain? Then he is not available for a couple of days, so you have to settle for an appointment with a delay.

However, when appointment day comes, the pain has subsided (thank you Nurofen!!) so you decide you don’t really need to spend all that money to fund the dentists skiing holiday in Aspen. Accordingly, you cancel the said appointment. Knowing full well, the pain is just hiding rather than having left permanently.

Well, we see people with leaky roofs taking the same course of action.

There is a downpour and the roof leaks badly. They call us in desperation wanting us to fix it “NOW”. But, the more organized people have already scheduled their repairs and rightly so, have priority. This means it’s a bit of a delay till we can get to the reactive roof people. Once we quote the repairs, the rain has stopped, the interior of the premises is cleaned up, and they suddenly think the roof is not such a priority. So they choose not to proceed with repairs.

The reality is, we all know that the problem still exists, and dry skies are the Nurofen for these people.

Those who invest in regular checkups at the dentist tend to have less disturbing tooth pain.

Likewise, those who get their roofs fixed, tend to have their contents permanently inside their premises – be it residential or commercial https://www.certifiedroofing.com.au/contact/