Heritage homes are an important link to our architectural history. Your local and town council mark certain neighbourhoods as heritage to protect these past treasures and their distinct style. They have indelibly marked the appearance and style of Australia through the years; heritage homes with their amazing tiled or sanded timber floors and impressive roofs are worth preserving.

The requirements to repair or restore a heritage home are a bit more complicated than a standard roof. With a little bit of knowledge and preparation, you will find that it is not as difficult as the horror stories might suggest. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you with your heritage home’s roof.


Covering your roof with tiles requires quite a bit of labour and time. Not only does the structure need to be stronger to take the weight of the tiles but you have to maintain a tiled roof a lot more than metal roofs.

Metal roofing is much more convenient as the roofing material is available in full-length sheets, is lower maintenance, stronger and more durable against storms such as hail and wind. Therefore, you will have peace of mind that your roof will keep you safe during the night.


There are two aspects to council regulations when restoring or replacing a heritage roof. The first is the colour palette. This is quite easy as Colorbond metal roofing has a great range of colours with a palette specifically designed to cater to heritage roofs and colours.

The other consideration is the look of the roof. Perhaps the key feature of the look is the metal sheet’s profile. The profile varies in depth and pitch.

  • Depth is the vertical distance from the top to the bottom of the corrugation.
  • The pitch is the horizontal distance from the top of one corrugation to the top of the next.

Many sheet metal providers consider these requirements and have the appropriate profiles in stock.


Just as important as the roofing materials, are the gutters and fascia, which must be of a matching material. They also need to have external spikes and/or brackets. Gutters and fascia for heritage homes use soldered joints and corners, but you should use silicone instead of the traditional lead to avoid contamination if you harvest your rainwater in a water storage system.

There are Colorbond gutters available that you might be able to utilize. Ask a certified roofer at Certified roofing for more information.


Downpipes are the drainage pipes that run from the gutter system down the side of the house to the water distribution system, either a drainage system or into a rainwater tank. For heritage homes in Brisbane, downpipes should be metal with a round or rectangular form to match the original profile. They should also match the visual look and decoration of the gutter materials and any decorative elements.

It might be necessary to perform a paint analysis prior to choosing a colour to ensure that you have selected the exact colour of the original pieces.


Traditionally, corrugated galvanised steel sheets came in short lengths from 1,160mm to 3,000mm. Today’s lengths tend to be much longer, with modern roofing techniques and manufacturing ensuring no warping or quality loss. Short sheets are now normally custom made to match the existing lengths of the heritage roof to ensure a perfect match.

Contact the team to find out the best home roofing option for installing short sheets on your roof to minimize the chance of corrosion, while maintaining the visual look of a traditional home.


If you need a skilled and professional roofer to restore or replace your heritage roof in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, Certified Roofing is the only choice. We have built a reputation of excellence, quality, and affordability. For heritage roofs in particular, it is essential to have an experienced and certified roofer to do the job right the first time.

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(If you are fixing up a heritage building and need the timer floors refinished, we recommend going with a leading company that knows all about floor sanding Brisbane.)